About a Bussiness Broker

Why Use Best Biz To Buy, LLC?

  • A Proven Track Record of Successfully Selling businesses since 1980.
  • Credentials Include MBA, BBA and BA Degreed Brokers.
  • Professional Association Memberships, Licenses, & Affiliations
    • Texas Association Of Business Brokers
    • International Business Broker Association
  •  BEST BIZ TO BUY Certified Marketing Process
  • BEST BIZ TO BUY Certified Selling Advantage
  • Administrative and Technical Support staff
  • Proprietary Operations Software & Use of Modern Technology


The founder of best BEST BIZ TO BUY,LLC has been selling businesses since 1980 closing business transactions worth Millions of dollars to our customers. We work together every day as a team to bring buyers and sellers together. Each member of our team brings his/her own unique talents, skills, and experience to the effort. We have a solid, stable foundation and infrastructure with a proven methodology and a verifiable historical track record of successful closings.

We are specialists in Business Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business Valuations & Appraisals. Over the past three decades we have built a solid reputation for professionalism, confidentiality, and expertise.

Know How

BEST BIZ TO BUY will review your business operation and it’s financial condition. We will then use industry proven techniques to assist you in determining the fair value of your business in today’s marketplace.

BEST BIZ TO BUY will guide you through the complicated and time-consuming process of finding the right buyer, negotiating the many details of the sale, and finally closing the sale as quickly as possible.

BEST BIZ TO BUY will work with the CPA’s, accountants, attorneys, and Landlord’s involved in the sale so that the various tax and legal issues of the sale are appropriately resolved in a timely manner.

We are also there to help find creative solutions whenever those unexpected problems arise.

Market Experience

BEST BIZ TO BUY will prepare a professional profile of your business describing its history, operations and all the other positive attributes of your business. We understand that most privately held businesses prepare their financial information to minimize their tax obligations and we will assist you in recasting your financials to show your business in the best financial light.

BEST BIZ TO BUY uses many different methods and strategies for attracting serious buyer prospects. Among our methods are targeted include: use of the hottest web sites to promote your business internationally nationally and locally. We also use extensive local newspaper and referral networking with other brokers and associations.

Finding The Right Buyer

BEST BIZ TO BUY’s continuing promotional efforts produces hundreds of potential buyer prospects each and every month.

BEST BIZ TO BUY conducts personal interviews with the buyer prospects to determine their individual requirements, goals and objectives, while at the same time discussing their financial resources available to purchase a business.


BEST BIZ TO BUY will not discuss any details concerning your business until a potential buyer has signed a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.


BEST BIZ TO BUY is a full-service business brokerage firm. We provide all of the services and support necessary to complete the sale of a business to the satisfaction of both the buyer and the seller.

BEST BIZ TO BUY schedules and attends all meetings between the seller and the buyer. We will also coordinate any meetings with other professionals. We stay “very hands on” until the transaction is successfully closed.


BEST BIZ TO BUY’s reputation as a leader in the field of business brokerage is well earned. Our associates have assisted hundreds of owners in the sale of their businesses.

Franchise Sales

Our BEST BIZ TO BUY founder has been a Franchiser Since 1982 and sold hundreds of franchises in the U.S. and Master License Internationally. We can assist you in franchising your business or selling franchises to expand your concept domestically and internationally.